What does a buyers inspection not cover?

Inspections are very important.

 I personally wouldn't ever buy a home without a home inspection.  I've seen homes that look wonderful,  have some serious repair issues.  

Its important that buyers no what an inspection DOESN'T COVER.


Water Softeners

Inspectors note items inside walls only what visually be seen on the outside.

Items that are hidden from view. Make sure sellers don't block important items like electrical boxes, attic entrances etc. 

If the GAS FURNACE or WATER HEATER are not lit, they won't be tested.   Inspectors  generally will not light an unlit furnace or water heater.  

SMOKE DETECTORS -  if they don't have batteries they won't be tested


Inspectors don't check on how square a room is

SEPTIC and WELLS are not looked at in depth.  Please do hire a septic and well contractor to inspect.  This can save you thousands of dollars AFTER you close and own the home.  

CREAKING FLOORS:  If this is important do walk the house and check for creaking noises.  

CHIMNEY'S are not inspected in depth but should be by a professional chimney contractor.  

ROOFS are usually inspected from the ground with high powered binoculars so if you want an in depth roof inspection bring in a roofing contractor.

PET ODOR will be up to your nose not the inspectors

SMOKING ODORS won't be noted by an inspector.  You may need to have the vents cleaned so pay attention

An Inspection is important but YOU need to be involved also.  

 Buying a home is exciting but it is important to be involved and be proactive.     

Shannon Thomas Real Estate Broker

msWoods Real Estate, LLC