Buying new home Tips

Building a new Home is exciting!  Meeting with the builder choosing your home design, choices of flooring, cabinets, counter tops, light fixtures and many more decisions have to be made before you sign the contract.  There are certain important questions to ask the builder before you sign the purchase agreement.  

Its important you understand what your purchasing, how long it will take to build, what comes with the home and what upgrades are available. When building a new home the builders have a basic package that the home comes with, you can choose to upgrade most everything and add features to your home.   

Some features to consider are 9 ft ceilings on main instead of 8 ft ceilings.  9 ft ceilings are very popular, taller ceilings make a room feel larger and less claustrophobic.

Some builders offer a 4 foot knock out which extends your main area out by 4 ft.  Some builders offer an option to add a sun-room, a third car garage and or a basement. Of course anything you add will add on to the price of the home.  There are many decisions to make before writing your purchase agreement.  There is a period that you can add certain items but once the home is submitted to the city for permits or architectural drawings it may be to late for some items or cost extra to add.  

Understanding what your getting at the end is important and working with a Realtor that has worked with Builders in the past can help to make your experience much more enjoyable and help the process to go smoothly.  The salesman represents the builder and a Realtor working with you is representing your best interests.  

If your planning on working with a Real Estate agent, don't go to visit new home subdivision models without them and don't sign in with the builder when you go visit.  Make it plain that you are working with a Real Estate agent. 

I represent buyers wanting to build new homes in the Avon Indiana and surrounding communities.   I would love to show you New Home communities here and share with you homes currently on the market as well as the home possibilities in this area.

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