Be at Your Indiana home Inspection

Home Inspections are IMPORTANT and you the home buyer should be there physically.!

Home inspections will not show concealed defects.  What the inspector can't see they can't inspect.  

As i said in another post, Home inspections are important, its important that you know what your purchasing.  Knowing the Condition of the property is one of the most important steps in making sure your investment is going to be a future pleasant experience.  Unexpected expenses after the close can mount up and can be a money pit.  Knowing as much upfront about the home your purchasing can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs.

Being there physically helps you become informed by asking questions and to be aware of what the inspector is inspecting.  Please do go with a list of items that maybe you want the inspector to check or ask questions about.  When you interview an inspector you should go over the expectations but still always bring notes with you to ask the inspector at the inspection.  

Inspectors don't note cosmetic issues such as nail holes, chips in paint, dings in counter tops.  They should note anything significant.  

Purchasing a home, from the time you first shop for homes for sale to the day of closing is stressful and the most expensive purchase a person makes in their life time.   

Home inspections gives you the right to ask for certain significant items to be repaired by the seller.

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