Listing home for Sale in Avon Indiana 

 What information on your home do you need when selling your home?

When Listing your Avon Indiana home for sale what information on your home do you need before listing your home with a Real Estate Agent?  

 As a Real Estate agent its my job to collect as much information about your home upfront as possible.  Information on your home upfront helps make the sell of your home run smoothly and with less stress and frustration. Its important to have the information on hand when qualified buyers ask many questions and while the buyer is trying to make a decision to purchase and also after you have an actual contract.   

Some information is for the title company that will be necessary to do a title search other information is for the buyer themselves. 

Listing Home Information:   Shannon Thomas Real Estate Broker

1.       Home Loan #’s___________________________________ Pay Off Amounts______________

2.       Name of Bank__________________________________

3.       Bank Contact Info_________________________________________________________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

4.       Trash Pick up Days____________________ Contact Information_________________________

5.       Gas Company and contact information_____________________________________________

6.       Average Gas Bill over 1 year______________________________________________________

7.       Electric Company and Contact Information_________________________________________

8.       Average Electric Bill over 1 year period__________________________________________

9.       Water Company and Contact Information__________________________________________

10.   Average monthly water bill over 1 year period______________________________________

11.   Sewer Contact information_____________________________________________________

12.   Average sewer bill over 1 year___________________________________________________

13.   Age of AC________________________

14.   Age of Furnace____________________ Gas or Electric

15.   Age of Water Heater________________Gas or Electric

16.   Age of Appliances  Stove________________ Gas or Electric

17.   Refrigerator Age____________________

18.   Microwave Age_____________________

19.   Disposal Age_________________________

20.   Dishwasher Age______________________

21.   Does Washer and dryer stay with the home   Yes or No  If so

22.    Age: washer____________Dryer________

23.   Will drapes and curtains stay with the home?   Yes or No

24.   Fireplace:   wood   Gas   Electric        No fireplace

25.   Do you have a Water Softener?  YES or No    Rented or Owned            Stays with home

26.   Security System   Yes or No     Stays with home

27.   Is your yard fenced    Yes or No

28.   List of updates:  Please furnish a separate list

29.   Name and contact of HOA_________________________________________________________

30.   HOA Fee amount ___________________ Paid monthly    quarterly    semi-annually  annually

31.   HOA fee includes:     Pool    Park        Tennis         Walking Trails      Sidewalks         Snow removal

32.   HOA Due Date:________________________

33.   Furnish Key for Lock box and garage door code

34.   School District and schools kids would attend____________________________________

35.   High school__________________________________ Middle School_______________________ Elementary______________________________

36.   Are there known defects_____________________________________

37.   Do you have builders plan   Yes or No

38.   Do you have Survey of Lot  Yes or No  

39.   Any items still under warranty___________________________________

40.   What do you love about your home________________________________________________



Are you on a Well?    Yes or No

If yes age of Well ______________  age of well pump___________

Are you on Septic   Yes or No     Age of Septic____________________

Location of Finger System____________________________________________________________